Closing the Skills Gap: Tech Solutions for Today’s Skill Shortages

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A National Association of Manufacturers Survey reported that 75% of manufacturing managers identified the skilled labor shortage as their biggest business challenge.

While the manufacturing industry continues to evolve, leaders are struggling to retain talent, and skills gaps are causing disruptions to operational productivity and safety on the plant floor. 

Join Kahuna and Deephow to learn how manufacturing organizations are navigating this industry dynamic while leveraging skills management and training technology to: 

  • Close critical skills gaps and capture expert knowledge
  • Enhance workforce resilience
  • Boost employee engagement and retainment
  • Train more efficiently and effectively
  • Maximize productivity and achieve operational excellence

Meet the Speakers

Sam Zheng, Deephow CEO

Dr. Sam Zheng

CEO, Deephow

Sam Zheng, the driving force behind Deephow, directs this dynamic enterprise, advancing skilled workforce training through an AI-powered multimodal SOP platform. Previously at Siemens for over a decade, he pushed digital innovations, notably the Cloud Digital Inspection Jacket, which won the Siemens Innovation Award. Sam also teaches as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Tsinghua University and holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Psychology and a Master's in Statistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

Jai Shah (1)

Jai Shah

CEO, Kahuna Workforce Solutions

Jai Shah is a technology executive with more than 20 years of practical implementation, architecture, and management experience. He specializes in guiding the development of applications that make a difference to end-users and deliver real business value in operationally-focused environments.