Creative Ways to Teach Diverse Learners: It's All About Engagement



Today’s learners are diverse consumers. As clinical educators and nursing professional development practitioners, it's essential to teach and mentor in a way that engages those with different learning styles, generational expectations, and attention spans.

Join Kahuna and Michele Deck for our second session about engaging learners in the clinical setting. We'll expand on the engagement strategies discussed in session one, highlighting:

  • The rationale and processes behind engagement strategies
  • How you can best teach individuals with diverse backgrounds and clinical experience levels
  • What expectations younger generations have in the learning environment
  • How to adapt your teaching methods to engage them as learners and ensure knowledge retention

Watch session one here: Capitalize on the First Minutes Together: Positively Engage Your Learners From the Start with an Opening Activity

Meet the Speaker

Michele Deck

Michele Deck


Michele Deck is an internationally renowned presenter, author, and educator, and is the co-founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of G.A.M.E.S., a company that provides seminars for any organization and specializes in adult learning and interactive teaching methods. She is also CEO of Tool Thyme for Trainers, a company she founded that supplies the most innovative and creative presentation tools available to educators worldwide. Her extensive travels have resulted in thousands of people who gained valuable expertise in adult education and training, from Australia to Scotland, Canada to Taiwan.

Michele is an author, educator, and speaker who is known for her innovative teaching methods in the field of health care education and training. She has been training educators and trainers full-time for the last twenty-seven years.  She has won the “Excellence in Nursing” has also been selected as a “Great 100 Nurse in Louisiana” and was elected to the Sigma Theta Tau National Nursing Honor Society. The Association of Nurses in Professional Development named her the recipient of the prestigious Belinda Puetz Award. She was on the editorial board of JNSD for nine years. She was named  “Business Woman of the Year” two years in a row by the National Business Council. She received the Margaret L. Messore Lectureship award from the Magnolia Chapter of SUNA. She is a past president of Lamaze International AND Accreditation Chair.  She has authored twelve books on innovative ways to teach nursing and healthcare content.