What Can Digitizing Nurse Competency Do For You?

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What value can digitized competency data provide to your clinical staff, patients, and overall health system? In this four-part demo series, we'll walk you through how digitizing nurse competency data can:

  • Automate Onboarding and Orientation
  • Enable Nurse Mobility
  • Help Your System Pass Regulatory Surveys and Audits Easily
  • Support Professional Growth and Development

Meet the Speaker

Margaret Vaughan Bio

Margaret Vaughan, RN

Solutions Engineer, Kahuna Workforce Solutions

Margaret Vaughan is an RN and skills management expert with extensive industry experience and expertise in healthcare. In her previous career as a Labor and Delivery nurse, she worked at the bedside caring for new mothers. Seeking career growth within the clinical space, she attended Rice University where she obtained her MBA. Margaret now serves as the Solutions Engineer at Kahuna, helping prospective health organizations improve their competency management programs system-wide.