Operational Skills Management

Operational Skills Management

Operational Skills Management: An Essential Business Imperative

Skills are top of mind for organizational leaders around the globe. For those in highly technical industries, managing operational skills is imperative to ensure the workforce is skilled, compliant, safe, and deployable at any given time. Unfortunately, the reality is that most organizations don't have the right processes or systems in place to obtain actionable data that can be used to inform reskilling, upskilling, and transforming their workforce to meet future demands. Having both an operational skills management strategy and a platform that produces validated skills data is imperative to adapt quickly.

WEBINAR: Operational Skills Management

September 7, 2021 | 11:00 AM CT

Join Kahuna and Josh Bersin as we dive into Operational Skills Management. Here's what you'll learn:

▪️ The difference between operational and non-operational skills.

▪️ Why the traditional approach to skills and competency management won't work for highly regulated environments.

▪️ Actionable steps to address the challenges within your organization.

▪️ How to partner HR with Business Leadership to create a sustainable operational skills management strategy.