Your ability to operate a resilient and sustainable organization hinges on the skills and capabilities of your workforce.

Ensure your workforce is trained, prepared, and proficient in their roles to adapt and execute in line with operational demands. Download Kahuna's capability matrix to assess your organizational and workforce capability from a skills-based perspective. 

Building Organizational Capabilities with Kahuna's Capability Matrix

Sustainable capability building with validated skills data

Economic conditions, market demands, new technology, labor shortages, and turnover — disruptions in the modern world of work are constant. In this download, you'll learn how to navigate these challenges with validated skills data to make better business decisions and prepare for your operations' current and future state.

Future Proof the Workforce

Ensure your organization has the skills needed for current and future operations before the performance of your business hinges on skills that don't exist.

Develop Agile Operations

Maintain flexibility in your staffing and operational decisions with trusted skills data that can inform workforce capability at any moment in time.

Achieve and Exceed Goals

Staff qualified individuals on projects to ensure a consistent standard of service is provided, even when unexpected challenges arise. 

Leading organizations leverage Kahuna for capability building

"The Kahuna system is a tool for any organization regardless of the maturity of their competency development journey. It can grow at the same pace as the organization in achieving its objectives related to workforce capability."

- Talent Management Executive, Energy Industry


Does your organization's skills data provide value to the business?

Without validated and trusted skills data, building operational capabilities is next to impossible. Our capability matrix and guide will help you:

  • Understand skill imbalances occurring throughout the organization.
  • Align workforce skills to operational needs.
  • Work together across business divisions to make more informed talent decisions.
  • Sustain operational capabilities now and in the future.
  • Achieve and maintain optimum organizational capability health.

Capability Matrix & Guide

Frequently asked questions about capability building

What is operational capability?

Operational capability is any critical function a business must perform to deliver its products and services to its respective market.

What is capability building?

Operational capability building is the strategic process of understanding workforce skills and capabilities to make better business decisions, perform business functions, build resiliency, and achieve business goals. 

What is the purpose of capability building?

Operational capability building enables organizations to: 

  • Future-proof the workforce
  • Develop agile operations
  • Prepare for industry disruptions and change
  • Achieve and exceed operational organizational goals.
  • Mitigate business risks.
  • Increase cost savings. 
  • Mobilize talent more strategically.

How do you build capabilities in an organization? 

To build business capability, it's critical organizations understand the people, processes, and technology needed for current and future operational needs. With this insight, leaders across the business can make more strategic decisions, while engaging in a more sustainable method of building organizational capability.

  • Evaluate the demand for skills throughout your business based on current and future industry demands. 
  • Understand the supply of skills and their distribution throughout the workforce.
  • Identify and fully describe any gaps that exist between the supply of skills and the demand needed for operations. 
  • Mitigate and prevent workforce skills gaps with targeted training and development plans. 
  • Continuously communicate gap closure plans to all stakeholders involved. 

What is a capability matrix?

A capability matrix is a workforce management tool that enables managers and other decision-makers to compare how their personnel's capabilities correlate to operational and business needs. Implementing skills management software can streamline your workforce skills data, and help you visualize it clearly in a capability matrix. 

What are the benefits of a capability matrix?

A capability matrix gives organizational leaders clear insights into workforce capability in comparison to business needs. This data can be used to inform short, medium, and long-term talent strategies that align with business goals and industry regulations.


Build organizational capability and resiliency with a skills-based talent strategy

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