Energy Competency Management and Competency Assurance

Expanding ESG initiatives, new technologies, shifts to renewables, and a shortage of workforce skills are pressuring energy organizations' ability to operate. Traditional competency assurance is no longer enough to achieve operational excellence and maintain a competitive advantage. Energy competency management is essential to validate employee proficiency and experience levels as organizations navigate the many changes in the industry.


How E&Ps are Improving Efficiency by Better Balancing Compliance, Competency, and Cash

Regulatory compliance, workforce competence, and cash flow are dominating factors in an organization’s ability to operate efficiently and resiliently. As the energy sector evolves, balancing compliance, competence, and cash will be critical to mitigating risks, meeting stakeholder requirements, and maintaining a competitive edge.

Join Yinson Holdings Berhad and Kahuna Workforce Solutions as they dive into real-world examples of the strategies, insights, and technology energy organizations across the value chain are implementing to balance the three C’s and achieve operational excellence.

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Resources to Build a Skills-Based Energy Organization

Bridging the Energy Sector Skills Gap

Understand why traditional competency assurance is not sustainable in energy, and how skills management can help your organization strategically address the energy sector skills gaps.


Navigating M&A with Skills Management

Learn why workforce skills and competency data is crucial for organizations aiming to lead the market while building efficient, safe, sustainable, and competitive operations. 


Skills Fuel Energy Innovation

Investing in robust competency assurance processes and tools enables the workforce to function safely and efficiently, navigate complex operating environments,  and drive innovation.


Operational Skills Management 

Operational skills management is an essential business imperative for organizations striving to stay competitive and adaptable in the dynamic manufacturing industry. Read the full report by Josh Bersin, or watch the webinar.


How Does Skills Management Support Critical Energy Operations?

Across the energy value chain, Kahuna is helping organizations ensure the safety, quality, and compliance of their workforce while meeting strategic business goals. In these three short videos, we'll explore how validated skills data impacts critical operational processes, such as:

  • Competency Assurance 
  • Scheduling and Deploying Resources
  • Training and Development

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Close Skills Gaps to Build a More Skilled, Compliant, and Competitive Energy Workforce

Kahuna's skills matrix helps you visualize workforce skills gaps to build more capable teams. Download Kahuna's how-to guide and skills matrix template to get started with your operational skilling program, and learn how to build a comprehensive skills framework that fully represents the needs of your business.


Join Your Energy Value Chain Partners in Supporting Critical Operations with Validated Skills Data

Kahuna is digitizing skills and competency management across the energy value chain in upstream, midstream, downstream, power and renewables, and integrated operations. Learn how Kahuna benefits your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Competency Management

What is the competency management process in energy?

Skills and competency management in energy is the business process of identifying critical skills, assessing organizational capability, and developing the workforce to meet dynamic industry demands and strategic business goals.

What are the benefits of skills and competency management in energy?

Energy competency management enables organizations in the ever-expanding energy value chain — operator or service provider in upstream, midstream, downstream, traditional, non-traditional, or renewables — to forecast skill demands,  assemble global project teams, embed compliance and safety initiatives into the flow of work, and support employee development and organizational retention efforts.

What is competence assurance?

Competence assurance is the process of ensuring individuals throughout the organization are capable and competent in the skills needed to perform their job roles and responsibilities. Traditional ways of tracking competency assurance through files and folders are no longer enough. In today's dynamic energy environment, operational skills management is the most robust way to track compliance and competence.

Skills Management Sample RFP

Searching for the right manufacturing skills assessment platform can be tricky. Use our Skills Management RFP to efficiently create a software proposal and get answers to your most important questions.

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