Engineering Technical Skills

Kahuna helps engineering managers, executives, and learning and development leaders understand workforce capability, prioritize skills requirements, and identify resources to meet current or future demands. Kahuna guides individual engineers in current role requirements, future role needs, and personal gap closure plans. 

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Technical Skills and Competency Resources

Competency Management Best Practices

Don't reinvent the wheel. Our competency management best practices will help you leverage the work of those who have gone before you.


Operational Skilling Report

Learn why operational skills management paired with a platform that produces validated skills data is an essential business imperative to adapt quickly.


Engineering Data Sheet

Identify talent, build qualified teams, ensure knowledge transfer and development, plan for the future of work, and retain employees with Kahuna's skills management platform. 


Bersin Webinar On-demand

Learn how to create a sustainable operational skills management strategy by partnering with your Learning, Operations, and HR leaders. Learn more about operational skills management.


Kahuna's Skills Matrix Helps You Visualize Your Workforce Skills Gaps

But to get the most out of this data, you have to build the right foundation. Download Kahuna's how-to guide to get started with your operational skilling program, and learn how to build a comprehensive skills framework that fully represents the needs of your business.
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Which system is right for you?

Searching for the right skills management software solution to meet your exact needs can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put together our Sample Skills Management RFP. It guides you in creating a skills management software proposal quickly and efficiently and answers our most commonly asked questions.

Sample Skills Management RFP

Get visibility into your workforce capability with Kahuna

Organizations with clear visibility into their workforce skills can proactively plan for the future of work, make data-driven workforce decisions, and be competitive in the marketplace. Talk with one of our experts and we'll help you build a business case for skills and competency management.