Competency Management Program Roles & Responsibilities

Check out this Roles & Responsibilities Template for a detailed breakdown of common functions, roles, and responsibilities involved in operating a healthcare competency program throughout its lifecycle. Depending on the size and scope of the project, the structure of the healthcare system, and the underlying culture, the optimal definition of responsibilities and specific roles may vary. However, this template serves as a robust starting point. Check out our blog to learn more about why staffing your competency program with the right people is critical to the success of your competency initiatives.

Skills and Competency Management Program Resources

Skills Matrix Guide

Learn how to build a comprehensive skills and competency framework that fully represents the needs of your business.

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Implementing Skills Management

Learn the full business process of skills and competency management to help you develop and sustain your program.  

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Managing Your Skills Program

Future-proof your skills and competency management program with a thoughtful, well-planned managing strategy.

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