People Analytics, Validated Skills, & Operational Data in One Powerful System

Kahuna's API-first platform seamlessly integrates with your existing technology stack to supercharge your systems and provide real-time, actionable, and validated skills insights for your frontline workforce.


Customer Case Studies

Global organizations leverage Kahuna to centralize workforce skills and operational data in one system, uncover skills gaps, make more strategic operating decisions, and empower employee skills development with validated skills insights. 


Hart Energy Webinar (1)-1A leading energy organization with nearly 150 years of experience and diversified service offerings spanning Refining, Midstream, Chemicals, and Marketing and Specialties, leverages Kahuna to develop and implement a skills program that can support the workforce of the future. 

The organization integrates its Core HRIS and LMS, as well as Payroll and Scheduling systems, with Kahuna, providing seamless data transfer and a centralized location for skills data to be tracked, managed, analyzed, and used to guide strategic workforce decisions. With Kahuna, the company: 

  • Published a centralized skills database containing all operational skills throughout the organization
  • Implemented a streamlined assessment process, including remote assessments, to validate the critical skills of the frontline workforce
  • Mapped training content to support individual skills, embed learning into the flow of work, and support skills gap closure 
  • Aligned workforce skills and capabilities with operational needs across each segment of the business
  • Reduced time for onboarding processes and quicked time to productivity across the workforce
  • Enabled multi-skilling and pay-for-skills programs to retain and attract talent
  • Ensured safety of the workforce and the environment throughout operations with a skilled, compliant, and capable workforce 

Kahuna equips the organization with clear insights into how workforce capabilities align with operational needs, ensuring their commitment to safe, sustainable, and profitable operations continues.

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Michele Deck Webinar 2 (1)The largest integrated, not-for-profit medical group, ranked as the world’s best hospital for the sixth straight year in a row, is leveraging Kahuna to digitize paper-based, disconnected processes for onboarding and orientation, scheduling and shift balancing, clinician competency progression and career pathing, and regulatory compliance. 

Kahuna’s flexible integration capability enables the health system to consolidate data from across its systems, including the Core HRIS, LMS, Experience Capture, and Staffing and Scheduling, into one centralized location. With this view of data, the health system: 

  • Integrated learning resources and competency management into the flow of work
  • Developed targeted gap closure plans for clinicians and increased ROI on training
  • Reduced orientation time and quickened time to productivity for clinicians
  • Enabled multi-skilling programs for the caregiver workforce to increase staff retention
  • Increased efficiency for scheduling processes guided by validated skill and experience insights
  • Improved audit readiness with clear insights into proficiency, compliance, training, and certification data

With Kahuna, the health system is ensuring each patient is provided with world-renowned quality care while supporting the clinical workforce each day.

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Manufacturing SBD Webinar (2)The world’s largest tool company, established as a leader in innovation and manufacturing excellence with more than 100 facilities worldwide, digitizes critical workforce skills, training, and operational data with Kahuna to move forward with digital transformation and smart manufacturing goals.  

Kahuna integrates seamlessly with the manufacturer’s technology landscape, including its Core HRIS, LMS, Video Learning Platform, Scheduling Tools, MES, and Safety documentation. With workforce data centralized and standardized in one system, the organization: 

  • Automated the tracking of safety training, expirations, and reminders to mitigate lapses in certifications and lower safety incidents
  • Enabled robust on-the-job employee training and development programs to upskill and reskill technicians based on proficiency gaps
  • Minimized time to backfill resources for a job role, machine, or production line in the case of unplanned absence or staffing shortages
  • Reduced turnover and retained critical workforce skills with more engaged technicians, managers, and supervisors

Linking workforce data together in one system, Kahuna enables the manufacturer to make tactical decisions about current needs on the plant floor, as well as more strategic operational decisions at the enterprise level.

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Energy Demo Series (4)A global leader in energy technology, with service offerings spanning across the energy and industrial value chain, uses Kahuna to digitize and standardize competency management processes, ensure adherence to dynamic customer and regulatory standards, and provide transparency to employees for career pathing opportunities. 

Integrating with the organization’s existing technology stack, including the Core HRIS, Learning Management Experience Platform (LMS and LXP), and Field Service Operations and Management Solutions, the company: 

  • Uncovered cross-skilling and multi-skilling opportunities
  • Aligned training to business needs to optimize training investments
  • Captured compliance and regulatory requirements in one system of record to verify proficiency for customers and accreditation authorities
  • Reduced administrative burden and enabled more informed decision-making for training needs based on skills demand, skills gap forecasting, and resource scheduling
  • Validated skills and competency data to inform competency-based workforce planning and align workforce capability with current and future business needs

Kahuna empowers this energy technology organization to operate and move energy forward across more than 120 countries, with a safe, compliant, and skilled workforce.

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Skills Management Sample RFP

Searching for the right skills tracking and assessment platform can be tricky. Our Skills Management RFP helps you efficiently create a software proposal and get answers to your most important questions.

The Connected Worker: Tracking and Developing Skills on the Plant Floor

In manufacturing, much of employee onboarding and training is done on the plant floor. Kahuna enables individuals throughout the organization to use real-time skills data to ensure the workforce is doing the right on-the-job training, operating with the right skills at the right time, and increasing productivity, safety, and quality. 

Manufacturing Skills

Manufacturing organizations are operating under increasing pressures due to supply chain disruptions, technology advancements, skill and talent shortages, and changing consumer preferences. Establishing organizational resiliency is key in this dynamic smart manufacturing environment. Resiliency begins with a comprehensive understanding of workforce skills and capability. 


How Does Skills Management Support Manufacturing Operations?

Manufacturers are navigating a complex landscape with workforce shortages, supply chain disruptions, and advancing technology. Agility is essential to maintaining operations and increasing efficiency and productivity. 

In these three short videos, we'll explore how Kahuna's validated skills data enables a more agile workforce and robust manufacturing processes:

  • Episode 1: Safety and Compliance
  • Episode 2: Training and Employee Retention
  • Episode 3: Scheduling and Deployment

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Build Robust Manufacturing Training Programs Informed by Skills Data

Skills Matrix Guide & Template

Develop, prioritize, standardize, and digitize a comprehensive skills framework that fully meets the needs of your business and helps your organization achieve better operational outcomes. 


Operational Skills Management Report

Learn why operational skills management is an essential business imperative for organizations striving to stay competitive and adaptable in the dynamic manufacturing industry.


Workforce Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

KSAs differentiate how members of the workforce will perform tasks, actions, or job responsibilities. Collectively, KSAs indicate how the workforce will execute job functions and meet operational demands.

Smart Manufacturing Webinar - Pillar Page Image (1)

The Promises of Smart Manufacturing: Pipe Dream or Reality?

Research shows that more than 85% of companies are unable to achieve successful smart manufacturing deployments. Join Kahuna and NxGen Group as we discuss what smart manufacturing really is; where the failure point often occurs; how validated skills data and training can provide critical insights; and why the right mix of people, processes, and technology is essential in making smart manufacturing a reality for the business.

Build a Skills-Based Technology Ecosystem With Kahuna

Skills, People Analytics, & Operational Data

Kahuna's powerful and flexible integration functionality brings employee data from your existing systems—Core HRIS, Learning Management Systems, Learning Experience Platforms, Video Learning, Work Instructions, Scheduling and Resource Allocation, Planning and Analytics, and more—to life. Your Human Resources, Learning and Development, and Operational teams can make more informed, strategic skills-based operating decisions, and your employees can have transparency in understanding job role requirements, training needs, and professional development opportunities.

Kahuna has a flexible data model that allows for unlimited integrations. Talk to a skills advisor to learn about other systems we integrate with.


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Manufacturing Demo Series (4)

Driving Digital Transformation with a Skilled Frontline Workforce 

Gartner's research reveals that 80% of manufacturing CEOs are increasing investments in digital technology to counter industry challenges such as inflation, a shortage of skilled talent, and supply chain disruptions.


How E&Ps are Increasing Efficiency by Better Balancing Compliance, Competency, and Cash

Regulatory compliance, workforce competence, and cash flow are dominating factors in ability to operate efficiently. As the energy sector evolves, balancing the three will be critical to mitigating risks. 

Michele Deck Healthcare Webinar (1)

Leaning into Change while Leading with Courage: How the Science of Stories Drives Innovation

In healthcare, shifts in technology, patient needs, regulatory requirements, and societal expectations all play an instrumental role in the day-to-day operations of healthcare systems and staff members. 


What Our Customers Say

“We are in the process of implementing Kahuna. The team is extremely helpful with the implementation process and overall integrations.”

“I have found Kahuna to be incredibly flexible in the way I can design and deliver Kahuna to the workforce. The integration to the HRIS system and the LMS system was seamless."

“We compared seven competency management systems, and Kahuna outstood them all! Every Kahuna team member we've worked with has been pleasant, organized, timely, and helpful.”

Skills Management Knowledge Hub

Learn how skills-based strategies combined with a skills management platform built for the frontline and technical workforce can help you get the most out of your learning and training initiatives, operate more efficiently, and plan for the future of work. 

Your HRIS Wasn’t Built for Technical Competency Management

With a multitude of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) available, how do you navigate to a solution that grants visibility, and meets the rigorous needs of tracking and validating technical competencies for the business?

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Meet Evolving Business Needs with the Top Skills Management Platform

With a growing number of technology choices, it’s important to remember that the top skills management platform for your organization will track and manage skills and continuously evolve to meet the needs of your business.

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Skills Management Tool for HR and Operations

Operational skills management is the business process of identifying critical skills, evaluating workforce capability, and developing skills to align with operational demands. Operational and technical skills management are critical for organizations in highly regulated work environments.

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Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Skills-Based Organizations

Knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) range across the spectrum, including both soft and technical competencies. They can be divided into three categories. In most roles, a combination of the three is essential for success.

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Identify, Analyze, Close, and Overcome Skills Gaps with Skills Management

Dynamic industry transformations, workforce shortages, and technology are impacting organizations daily, leaving workforce skills as a key topic of conversation for businesses. 

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What is Skills Management Software?

Top leaders around the globe are leveraging competency and skills management software and verified skills data to drive strategic decisions. In this post, we’ll define skills management and explain the benefits of competency and skills management software. 

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Driving Digital Transformation with a Skilled Frontline Workforce 

Join the Manufacturing Millennial, Stanley Black & Decker, and Kahuna Workforce Solutions as we dive into how manufacturers are leveraging skills data to:

  • Drive value for smart manufacturing and digital transformation initiatives.
  • Understand skills gaps and train more effectively.
  • Engage and retain a new generation of manufacturers in the workforce.
  • Reach organizational goals and achieve operational efficiency.

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Skills and Competency Management Software