Nurse Competency Management

Healthcare systems across the globe are experiencing staffing, safety, and quality issues. Kahuna's modern skills and competency management platform removes the manual and burdensome processes of validating nurse competence, so your staff can do the work they're qualified to do as quickly as possible. 

Learn how Kahuna reduces the time it takes to onboard, train, assess, and develop your nursing staff, alleviating the pressures brought on by the pandemic.

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Nurse Orientation and Annual Assessments in the 21st Century

Reduce Nurse Training Time Case Study

Kahuna and Lippincott® Solutions met the challenge to help Intermountain standardize skills across its healthcare system.


Intermountain Healthcare Whitepaper

Learn how Intermountain’s staff is working at the top of their license and doing the work they’re qualified to do as quickly as possible.


The Value of Digitizing Competencies

Digitizing reduces training spend, helps execute cost-efficient TJC audits, increases retention, and maintains the quality of care.


Calculate the potential savings your system might realize with a modern nurse competency system.

Its critical nurse competencies are accessible in a system that enables flexibility and mobility in training, all while preserving precious education resources. With a reduction in operating budgets, leaders and nurse educators need a way to show their ROI for training. Quantify your health system's potential savings. Learn More

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Which system is right for you?

Searching for the right skills management software solution to meet your exact needs can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put together our Sample Skills Management RFP. It guides you in creating a skills management software proposal quickly and efficiently and answers our most commonly asked questions.

Sample Skills Management RFP

Get visibility into your workforce capability with Kahuna

Organizations with clear visibility into their workforce skills can proactively plan for the future of work, make data-driven workforce decisions, and be competitive in the marketplace. Talk with one of our experts and we'll help you build a business case for skills and competency management.