Nurse Competency Management

Healthcare systems across the globe are experiencing staffing, safety, and quality issues. Kahuna's competency management software removes the manual and burdensome processes of validating nurse competence, so your staff can do the work they're qualified to do as quickly as possible. 

Learn how Kahuna reduces the time it takes to onboard, train, assess, and develop your nursing staff, alleviating the pressures brought on by dynamic environments.

Nurse Orientation and Annual Assessments in the 21st Century

Reduce Nurse Training Time Case Study

Kahuna and Lippincott® Solutions met the challenge to help Intermountain standardize skills across its healthcare system.


Intermountain Healthcare Whitepaper

Learn how Intermountain’s staff is working at the top of their license and doing the work they’re qualified to do as quickly as possible.


The Value of Digitizing Competencies

Digitizing reduces training spend, helps execute cost-efficient TJC audits, increases retention, and maintains the quality of care.


Michele Deck and Kahuna - Engaging Learners in Nursing


Creative Ways to Teach Diverse Learners: It's All About Engagement

Join Kahuna and Michele Deck for session 2 about engaging learners in the clinical setting. We’ll dive into how to teach and mentor those with different learning styles, generational expectations, and attention spans.


What Can Digitizing Nurse Competency Do for Your Health System?

What value can digitized competency data provide to your clinical staff, patients, and overall health system? In this four-part demo series, we'll walk you through how digitizing nurse competency data can:

• Automate Onboarding and Orientation
• Enable Nurse Mobility
• Help Your System Pass Audits Easily
• Support Professional Growth and Development


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On-Demand Webinars

Michele Deck Webinar


Capitalize on the First Minutes Together: Positively Engage Your Learners from the Start with An Opening Activity

Join Kahuna and Michele Deck to explore strategies you can use to help set a positive and productive tone at the beginning of each learning session to encourage engagement and knowledge retention.


Skills Management Sample RFP

Searching for the right healthcare skills and competency management platform can be tricky. Use our Skills Management RFP to efficiently create a software proposal and get answers to your most important questions. 

Nursing Competency Management Roles and Responsibilities

Competency Management Roles and Responsibilities

Check out this roles and responsibilities template for a detailed breakdown of common functions, roles, and responsibilities involved in operating and sustaining a healthcare competency management program. 

Learning and Competency Development

Kahuna and Lippincott Solutions® enrich learning and competency development for nurses and healthcare professionals. 

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Nurse Retention Strategies

Learn how healthcare systems are using digitized competency management to increase nurse retention and decrease nurse burnout and fatigue. 

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Healthcare Data Sheet

Digitize competency management to decrease spend and increase efficiency for orientation, annual assessments, regulatory audits, and competency-based staffing processes.